5 Mistakes Usually People Make When Getting Car Repairs

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5 Mistakes Usually People Make When Getting Car Repairs

etting your car repaired is stressful. All you want is to get it back on the road as soon as possible. But sometimes people make their tough situation even worse.

Here are the five biggest mistakes people make when getting their car repaired, and how you can avoid them.

Fail To Get A Quote

The last thing you want is sticker shock when picking up your car from the shop. But, if you fail to get a quote before having work done you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. No reputable shop would ever do work on your vehicle without first giving you a quote and getting your permission to do the repairs.

You can avoid trouble by always making sure you are getting a quote before authorizing work to be done.

Not Taking The Car To A Specialist

Not all cars are the same. Just like most luxury cars perform better with premium gasoline, you should never take your luxury car to a shop that doesn’t specialize in Japanese, European and luxury automobiles. Shops that aren’t used to handling luxury cars may not have the parts and tools in stock to make the repairs. This can lead to increased costs and extra time.

Shops that specialize in luxury cars will do a better job of returning your car to top shape.

Not Looking At Shop Reputation

How can you know if you can trust your mechanic? Unless you are an expert yourself, it’s hard to know if you are being treated fairly. When looking at taking your car to a new shop look at their online reviews. Also, see if they have any customer testimonials on their website. A good shop will be proud to stand behind its work.

Forgetting To Communicate All The Issues

Even the best mechanics are not minded readers. Many people make the mistake of failing to tell their mechanic everything that is wrong with the car. A mechanic can easily miss a critical issue if you do not let them know about it. Unless you are asking, and paying, for a full inspection, your mechanic will only focus on the problems you list and any obvious issues.

Make sure to take the time to fully explain all of the issues before you leave your car at the shop.

Settle For Less Than Full Service

When it comes to auto repair you have a lot of choices. But, not all shops are equal. Many shops just want to do the bare minimum. You and your car deserve more than that. Make sure your shop is a full-service operation. The last thing you want is to find out you have to take your vehicle somewhere else to complete the bodywork.

Not even all full-service shops offer the same services. At Prestige Auto Collision, we go above and beyond the average repair shop. We not only fully repair your vehicle, but we also offer towing services and rental car services while we get your car ready to get back on the road.

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