6 Most Common Engine Repairs And Replacements

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6 Most Common Engine Repairs And Replacements

It’s better to know what the common engine repairs and replacements are because they will help you make better decisions regarding the care and replacement of your car’s parts. Here are some of the most commonly repaired or replaced parts in a car:

1. Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors are often repaired or replaced. Also, O2 sensors often fail when you use gas with a higher ethanol concentration. Malfunctions can lead to a fuel economy of up to 40%, which can seriously compromise on-road performance.

2. Get New Catalytic Converters

As well as from O2 sensors, catalytic converters are also on the list of commonly repaired parts. Generally caused by problems with spark plugs or the ignition coil.

3. Replace A Loose Fuel Cap

A missing one could cause your gas to evaporate, It could also trigger your check-engine light so make sure to get a new one as soon as possible.

4. Get New Ignition Coils

Usually, problems with ignition coils are tied up with spark plug problems. So if you’ve got faulty spark plugs, more chances are you’ve also got faulty ignition coils. And if you have to replace both, verify that the parts are all in good working condition.

5. Buy A New Thermostat

Another important part that’s commonly repaired or replaced is your thermostat. Since the thermostat ensures the engine’s temperatures are kept on operating levels, a damaged thermostat could cause temperature levels to go unregulated, which will lead to corrosion in some parts of your engine.

6. Extra Tips

If you know what parts are likely to fail or have problems with, preventive care is also important. Taking your wheels to our car repair shop in Dubai for regular maintenance checks is one way to make sure your car is always in top shape. So with our regular maintenance services, you will be able to get behind the wheel of your car and drive around for many years more.

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