Difference Between Auto Technician & Collision Repair Technician


Difference Between Auto Technician & Collision Repair Technician

Auto technicians’ knowledge is focused on the skills to diagnose, service, repair foreign and domestic vehicles.

As masters of routine vehicle maintenance, automotive technicians must learn and know a vehicle’s internal systems inside and out and be able to connect the dots between symptoms to identify when a deeper problem is present.

They often do tasks like changing a car’s oil or rotating the tires, troubleshooting a transmission problem, or even replacing a part in the engine.

  • Job setting: Auto technicians typically work in a dealership’s service center or a smaller repair shop.
  • Other related careers: engine re-builder, auto or tools salesperson, service advisor and parts consultant.

Auto Collision Repair Technicians Are Restoration Experts Too

Collision repair is considered a more specialized discipline and focuses mostly on procedures and practices, such as total frame reconstruction, whole body repair, welding, and paint matching. So from initial damage to just like new, collision repair technicians must know everything they need to evaluate, reconstruct, and restore a vehicle back to its manufacturer specifications.

  • Job setting: Repair technicians more often work in a dedicated collision repair center.
  • Other related careers: insurance appraiser and/or adjuster, auto or tools salesperson, restoration technician and custom painter.

We really hope this article may help you better understand the differences between Auto technicians and Collision Repair technicians and the various career paths they lead to. For more information try to reach out to our team.


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